I need to change my registration

Even if your registration has been made and your payment is complete, you can still have time to change your registration before the march started.

Whatever you sign up yourself  or as a team, you can always change your registration by logging on with a login that you receive via e-mail.

If you make changes to your registration, which means a higher price than originally charged, then you must pay the balance for the changes to take effect. If the changes result in a lower price, then you should have money back. Read more about this on the registration page.

We will take an decort on Dkr. 50 - per administrtion number.


If a person does not show up for the march, this is marked as absent on request at the registration hall. It is not mandatory, but nice to know how many are absent for a team, so success rates can quickly calculate when to buy medals for the team.

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I need to change my registration
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I need to change my registration

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